What is the treatment of infertility

After all the necessary studies have been carried out, and the specialist has a clear picture of the causes of infertility in a woman or a man, infertility treatment is carried out taking into account all the individual characteristics of each individual case.

The doctor prescribes either conservative therapy (hormonal, anti-inflammatory), or surgical intervention. So, with hormonal disorders apply the appropriate hormonal drugs. If a woman is broken ovulation, then its stimulation is expedient. Violating the patency of pipes requires surgical treatment.

If both of these methods were ineffective, and conception never happened, the couple are offered treatment with assisted reproductive technologies.

For women


The simplest and often used method of treating infertility is planned intercourse. In this case, we are talking only about light forms of infertility. So, if a woman has a normal patency of fallopian tubes, the condition of her endometrium and sperm of a man is also normal, then this method can be effective. It is important to accurately determine the day of ovulation, and after it make an attempt at conception.

But the presence of tubal infertility requires the use of artificial methods of treatment. The use of intrauterine insemination is advisable if the effect of the planned intercourse is not observed, or there are problems with cervical mucus.

The method of in vitro fertilization is based on the fact that the egg is impregnated under laboratory conditions, after which the embryo is inserted into the woman’s uterus. Such treatment of infertility is used for endometriosis, tubal infertility, cervical pathologies.

For men


In the treatment of infertility in men, it is important to eliminate the causes of infertility by conducting appropriate treatment. You may need an anti-inflammatory therapy for inflammation in the genitals, surgery for dropsy and varicocele. If there is an obturation form of infertility, then the level of obstruction and subsequent surgery is determined. If the hormonal background is broken, the man is prescribed drugs that correct him. Men with immunological form of infertility are shown complex therapy, including plasmapheresis and the intake of androgenic and enzyme-containing drugs.

Also, infertility treatment in men involves the process of stimulation of spermatogenesis (it is not produced in the immunological form of infertility). For this, a man is recommended to lead a healthy way of life, exercise, eat enough protein food, take vitamins and other drugs prescribed by a doctor. In the process of treating male infertility it is important to conduct regular spermograms at least once every three months.

A man should realize that therapy of this condition is a long process, which involves the implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor.